Thursday, January 29, 2015


I'm sat here drinking a (large) glass of Chablis dreaming about a sunny holiday on the South Coast of France. In reality I will wake up tomorrow to the chance of snow (and maybe a headache) on the south cost of England. Oh well at least I can keep my French mood going finishing my new Breton top. I am making Tilly and the Buttons Coco pattern with a black and white striped jersey, I will post about this at a later date when I have finished it and taken photos.

Before I started I took a peek at some of the other Breton tops, or stripey T shirts that sewing bloggers had been making. There are loads of them, as you would expect Tilly does it in a expert fashion, but I also love Jane's nautical style and Winnie's many versions. Zoe also has made a great version of her Delores pattern in a red and white stripe.

I have gathered some of them together in a Pinterest board for you to have a look at...

Feeling inspired? If so here are my top fabric and patterns picks....
Tilly and the buttons - Coco
Sailor slub cotton jersey
Stripe cotton jersey 
Bobbie stripe jersey
Sewaholic - Refrew
Happy sewing xxx

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Sewaholic has launched not one but two new patterns to kick start your sewing for 2015. Both are tops and both are the kind of pattern you are going to want to make in lots of different fabrics.
The first and my favourite is the Granville shirt.
A classic shirt with beautiful top stitch detailing. The Granville shirt pattern would work in a pretty floral cotton poplin or why not try a classic chambray version? (check out my fabric suggestions here)

Secondly the Oakridge blouse pattern, a more feminine pussy bow blouse with a button up front. Ideal for wearing to work with a pencil skirt, would look beautiful in a floral crepe fabric.

 Which one will you make first?

Happy sewing xxx

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Thank you everyone who entered the Denim Giveaway.

The lucky  winner is KESTREL

Congratulations you have won 2 metres of our lovely soft washed denim.
Please contact me with your address so I can post your fabric off to you. I look forward to seeing your skirt or dress.

Happy sewing xxx

Monday, January 19, 2015


Confession: I actually made this sequin top last year but have only just got round to blogging about it. Still I think it is totally swoon worthy therefore had to be seen plus you can all have a laugh at how cold I look in the photos, I kept my big (fake) fur coat on as much as possible just pulling it off my shoulder for the pictures brrrr.

I love a bit of sparkle but think you need a really simple silhouette to really pull it off, unless of course you are Ru Paul in which case just go for it!
I chose this totally over the top sequin fabric so I needed a basic pattern to make it with. I live in skinny black jeans both for staying in and going out and my favourite style is to pair them with a bright top. Party time is no different so I decided on the Belcarra blouse from Sewaholic. I have never made this before (I don't know why it is totally the kind of top I wear everyday)
I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern to make it work in the sequin fabric. I removed the shaping from the waist so that it fell straight at the sides then changed the neck piece for a simple satin bias binding, it was a bit wibbly (is that a word?)but with all those sequins I don't think it shows .

The fabric is on a stretch backing which I was nervous would be hard to sew but actually it was really easy and as the sequins are quite small they were pretty well behaved. Though I would recommend eye protection when cutting sequin fabric, a bit of one of these sequins ended up in my eye when I was cutting out the pattern. Luckily the Fabric Godfather was on hand to save me and there was no harm done, sewing can be a dangerous hobby can't it?

I LOVE this top, I wore it on Christmas day and I am even thinking of a Moneta skirt in the same fabric for a bit of head to toe bling. As for the Belcarra pattern I will definitely being making more of these, one in every colour I think!

Happy sewing xxx

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Denim is cool. Simple it always looks good* Dress your denim skirt up for work or wear slouchy jeans for play, double denim is even acceptable these days (denim shirt and jeans)

Sewing with denim is great as it has loads of body so is easy to sew with, though it can be tough on your machine, make sure you use a strong needle and your machine can handle it if you are going through lots of layers.

There are loads of patterns out there that look amazing in denim, did you see my denim Anna? Colette Ginger skirt looks great in denim, see Tilly's here.  And the Sewaholic Hollyburn looks great in dark denim. The Little Tailoress has made some lovely dark skinnies.
Need more ideas? I have made up a denim fabric inspiration board on pinterest for you

I am giving away 2 metres of the amazing soft washed denim in blue
simply tell me what you would make out of it in the comments below.

Winner will be selected at random on the 19th January.

Here are some of the great denim dressmaking fabrics we have in stock

Jegging jersey
Barkweave stretch denim

soft washed denim light blue
Happy sewing xxx

*Unless it is couples doing a double double denim in matching outfits aka Britney and Justin or Katy!

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I'm so excited, a new batch of animal themed 100% organic cotton jersey dress fabrics have just arrived from Birch fabrics in the USA.
These heavyweight jerseys are perfect for tops, leggings and dresses (think the cutest Coco you can imagine)

Koala Koala


Happy sewing xxx

Monday, January 5, 2015


Christmas may well be fading into the distance (even if all the mince pies I ate have yet to follow) but that doesn't mean we need to stop wearing red.
Red, once the colour of Baywatch swimsuits and Chris De Burgh songs, is now having a bit of a fashion moment.
It is a daring, bold colour and if anything is going to pull you out of your January blues it is a nice splash of red (no, not wine remember those resolutions?)
Want some inspiration of what you can make in red? Take a look at my Pinterest board. There are some classic vintage shapes from Handmade Jane, surely she is the original Lady in Red? Closely followed by Tilly who also loves a bit of red adding her own je ne sais quoi to the clothes she makes.

Feeling ready to take on red? Here are some of our favourite red dressmaking fabrics

Roma Jersey Dress Fabric
Prestige Crepe Dress Fabric
Embossed Scuba Dress Fabric
Have you ever made anything in red?
Happy sewing xxx

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Phew I made it through 2014, what a year! A beautiful baby daughter, moving from London to live by the sea in Hove, I even managed to  sew a few bits and pieces along the way. I'm especially proud of making 3 pairs of clovers with a 12 week old baby in the house for OWOP. My kimono top got loads of wear and made me feel extra glam (I'm also pinning for the lovely French plait in the pictures as I have since cut all my hair off) I jumped into a new venture and made myself a leather handbag, ohhh that sounds so much more difficult than it was. I was truly touched by the number of lovely comments and emails I got from customers and followers when I announced my baby bump with a Megan Neilsen Rie dress. But my hands up favourite has to be the Orla blouse I made for my Mum, she has had so many complements when wearing it and looks really lovely in it!

So after all that what about 2015??? Well this month we are moving Fabric Godmother (again) to even bigger premises this will be the 5th move in 3 years!!! I have 2 new people working with me... my 6 month old daughter now comes into work with me and the Fabric Godfather has started to work for Fabric Godmother, it is really exciting to have my family working with me and means we both get to spend more time together and with our baby. Fabric Godmother will continue to grow in 2015 with new fabrics and patterns launching soon. (do let me know if there is anything you want to see on the website as I am always looking for new ideas) Finally I am working on a new website that will sell curtain and interior fabric so watch this space as there will be more news about this in the coming months.

My re'sew'lutions for 2015 are:
1. Finish some of the mountain of OOD (out of date) projects in my sewing room (including shirt for Fabric Godfather - 10 months OOD, Chanel style jacket - 24 months OOD!!!, dress for daughter -1 month OOD, sequin belcarra - 1 month OOD, scuba hawthorn - 6 weeks OOD) The last 2 were supposed to be my NYE outfit, so I guess I will just have to find somewhere else fancy to wear them now.
2. Sew more baby clothes, they are really cute, super fast and easy and so much nicer than shop bought. Especially bibs as my daughter is a dribbler (though SO,ZO... makes such beautiful bibs I have bought some and she kindly gave me one for my daughter, they really are THE BEST - so thanks Zo!!)
3. Learn some new techniques, I would love to attend a pattern cutting course and learn a bit more about my overlocker...anybody who fancies giving me some lessons would be sent right to the top of the Christmas card list for 2015 and I could give them some freebie fabric in return!!

What were your sewing highlights of 2015 and what are your re'sew'lutions for 2015?

Happy sewing xxx

P.S. I love the cross stitch pattern I found on Etsy maybe I should add making this to my Re'sew'lutions for 2015 as well!