Tuesday, December 29, 2015


There are still some fabulous bargains up for grabs in the Fabric Godmother end of year sale.

See all sale fabrics here

Grange designer cotton and wool in rust was £18 now £14.99 buy here

Inverso viscose was £14 now £9.99 buy here

Kaleidoscope designer cotton jersey was £15 now £10.99 buy here

Olio peached cotton poplin was £16 now £13.99 buy here

Happy sewing xxx

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


We have marked down more fabric than ever before in our biggest fabric sale to date. Shop the fabric sale here

Diva jersey Was £14 now £8.99 per metre shop here

Flutter cotton poplin was £15  now £9.99 shop here

Ida crepe was £15 now £6.99 shop here

Loto stretch cotton was £14 now £9.99 shop here

Mextec jersey was £16 now £9.99 shop here

Happy sewing xxx

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Imagine getting a parcel every month, exclusively selected for you. It contains a pattern, fabric and all the required notions to make your own clothes, in your own style!

How does it work?
When you sign up you will get a free style consultation with the Fabric Godmother.  Josie will ask you about your personal style, your life style, who you aspire to, your sewing skills and your body type and colouring. She will then create an individually designed wardrobe especially for you, the only catch? You need to make it yourself!

What do I get?
·         Style consultation from Fabric Godmother (by phone or email)
·         A printed pattern from one of our wonderful Indie sewing pattern companies
·         Enough fabric to make the garment in your size
·         All the notions you need to complete the garment
·         An exclusive free gift each month
·         Email support, if you need any help with any of the projects you are sent.

How much does it cost?
Only £39 per month (buy 12 months get 1 free)
*We guarantee that this will always offer a saving on buying the contents separately from us

How long do I have to sign up for?
You can sign up for as long or as short as you like. You can start with only 1 month if you wish.

What if I already have the pattern or don’t like the selection?
No problem, just post it back to us and you can choose from one of the other items on offer that month or if none of them take your fancy we will credit your Fabric Godmother account with £40 to spend on what you wish.

Can I buy Fabric Godmother Dream Wardrobe as a gift?
Absolutely this make the perfect gift for a friend or family member who already sews their own clothes  or is interested in making their own wardrobe (basic knowledge of using a machine and commercial patterns is required)

Buy your dream wardrobe here

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Give the gift of sewing this year. Did you know Fabric Godmother now runs dressmaking classes?
We have a wonderful bright studio in Hove, fully equipped with everything you need to create your own clothes.  All of our classes are run by experts in sewing with lots of teaching experience.
2 new classes have just been added that will be taught by the talented Zoe Edwards in the new year.

The Lark Tee Class is a perfect introduction to sewing with jersey fabric on your sewing machine. With a number of sleeve and neckline options, this pattern will become a wardrobe staple.

The Scout woven Tee is the ideal class for somebody who has completed a simple project on a sewing machine and would like to learn about dressmaking and following a commercial pattern.

Our teacher Zoe Edwards is the author of the sewing blog So Zo… With a degree in Fashion Design, Zoe has worked in various roles in the fashion industry. Her growing passion for creating clothing by hand, more slowly, thoughtfully and sustainably than mass-manufacturing practices led her to leave the clothing industry and to set up a now successful blog that focuses on sewing sustainably with style. Currently she teaches sewing, dressmaking and refashioning skills, develops her own sewing patterns, blogs and occasionally runs a contemporary craft market called Brighton Craftaganza, as well as being a full-time mum. She's also the creator and host of the popular online challenges called Me-Made-May, which encourages those who make their own clothing to wear it more often than they usually would with the aim to improve their relationship with their handmade wardrobe.
We have also added 2 new dates for our popular 'Get to know your overlocker class' next year with the fantastic Julia Hincks.
See details of all of our classes here
Happy sewing xxx

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Do you know somebody who deserves a special treat this Christmas?

It is time to share the fabric love. Nominate somebody special and tell us why they deserve a special treat and both you and your friend could win a £50 fabric hamper.

The rules:
1. Follow Fabric Godmother on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. (or all 3)
2. Share, Regram or Retweet the #fgsharethelove picture above
3. Tag the friend who deserves to win and tell us why they deserve it
4. Don't forget to add the #fgsharethelove and tag @fabricgodmother
4.You can tag only 1 person per picture but can nominate more than one person by sharing the photo multiple times
5. Closing date for the competition is Wednesday 16th December 2015
6. Winner will be selected at random after the closing date
7. This competition is open Internationally

Happy sewing xxx


Monday, December 7, 2015


I'm so excited to have a project featured in this months issue of Love Sewing. Since Amy took over as editor the magazine has had some beautiful projects featured that you really want to make. So I was really pleased to be included in this issue just in time for party season.

This Grecian party dress is really simple to sew and requires no pattern. Imagine how fabulous you would look (and feel) at a Christmas or NYE party in this! Pop out and buy your copy of Love Sewing NOW!

The fabric I used is the Carlotta stretch velvet which comes in teal, wine and black. You could use an jersey with plenty of stretch and drape, why not try a retro pattern like Lotto viscose jersey or a luxurious silk mix jersey dress with the Venice jersey.

Happy sewing xxx

Saturday, December 5, 2015


I have been teasing you all with snippets of this make for the last week or so. Now I can finally reveal my gold faux leather skirt. I am so pleased with this skirt and it is currently at the top of my 'wear on Christmas day' list. And probably every party from now till then.

What is faux leather? Sometimes known as pleather, urgghh hate that word. It is a fabric coated with polyurethane to give the look, feel and texture of leather. The results can vary loads but it is possible to have a really high quality faux leather, that is almost impossible to tell the difference, at a fraction of the price of the real thing.

Here are a few hints when sewing with faux leather:

Use weights and a rotary cutter to cut out your pattern. This should stop the fabric moving about and removes the need for pins because...

You cannot go back, once you make a hole in faux leather it is there for good.  So no pins, no unpicking (unless you need to make it smaller) and you have to get that zip right first time!
When constructing my skirt I cut the fabric a bit bigger at the sides seams then I stitched the back seam and put the zip in before sewing them up. This made it easier to fit and I had a bit more to play with if the zip did go wrong.

I tried both a leather needle and a jeans needle on my fabric before opting for a standard 12 needle as I found this gave the best result. Just make sure your needle is super sharp to pierce the faux leather cleanly.

Use fabric clips or bull dog clip instead of pins, these will not leave any holes in the fabric but will help hold it secure as you sew.

A walking foot will help the faux leather to move through your machine as it does have a tendency to be a bit sticky. Making sure it doesn't get too warm also helps prevent sticking. Some people also find using washi tape on your machine can help it move through but I would worry that this would leave a sticky residue on my machine so have never tried it.

Talking about getting warm, you can use a very cool iron on faux leather, it will not work to flatten seams or darts but if you want to apply an iron on interfacing you can. Just make sure you test a patch first and that you use a piece of muslin or other fine cloth to protect the iron and the fabric. Also allow to cool fully before sticking it back in the machine.

As faux leather does not fray you do not need to finish the seams. If you want your seam allowances to lie flat you will either need to top stitch them or stick them down using a fabric glue. A mini wallpaper roller can help get them really flat. You can also buy a special leather tape for sticking down seams.
For this project I left them as they were as I didn't want any top stitching on the skirt. For this reason I also didn't hem my skirt but simply cut it with a rotary cutter to the right length. Making sure the seams were secured so they didn't unravel.

You can wash faux leather by hand in light soapy water or just give it a wipe down, handy if you have spilt your babycham while dancing!

Well I am off to my Sewing Bee Christmas drinks, in my gold faux leather skirt of course!!

Happy sewing and dancing xxx

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Woop! Party season is right around the corner. Don't have anything wear? No problem, your Fabric Godmother is here with a simple to sew infinity dress idea.

Issue 11 of Simply Sewing features the stunning infinity dress on the cover. This beautiful dress was made by the lovely Portia and the magazine, which is out today, includes all the instructions you need to make one yourself. Buy the Magazine here

For this dress Portia used our Milano jersey, it has just the right amount of stretch and drape to make this multi way dress.  Like Portia's style? Then read her blog here

Try one of these special jersey fabrics to make your very own infinity dress:

Milano jersey is a viscose jersey and comes in a range of colours.

You could also try our Venice silk mix jersey with a mixture of modal and silk it has a superb soft finish.

Want to see more projects we have been involved with? I have added a new section to the website called In the press.
Here you can find all the information about the projects you see in Magazines featuring Fabric Godmother.

More about Simply Sewing can be found here

Happy sewing xxx

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I am by no means an expert dressmaker and I know men's shirts can be particularly daunting for some people. However, I find them strangely satisfyingly to sew. There is something about the precise moment the collar stand and points meet at the front(hopefully) Not to mention the feeling of pride you get seeing your loved ones wearing something you have made for them. As long as you cut carefully and press press press as you go they are not that hard to make. Honest Guv!

I'm becoming increasingly interested in the history of garments that I'm making. Learning how they came about helps me feel closer to understanding their construction. After all, knowledge is power. While researching men's shirts I found out these intriguing facts, did you know?

1. The saying 'To look down your nose at somebody' came from  the fashion of high collars of the elite classes. The lower classes required a lower collar to allow for movement of their heads while working.

2. The oldest garment in the world is a shirt, made of linen and dating back to 3000BC. It was found in a Egyptian tomb.

3. The button down collar was introduced by Polo players trying to stop their collar flapping about as they rode. Whoa, it's a tough life!

4. In the Eighteenth century it was illegal for men to not wear a waistcoat over their shirts. This act of indecency was punishable by imprisonment. What would they have made of the guys who spend summer in their shorts with their T shirts tucked into their waistbands?

5. The patch pocket was added in the 1960s to cover men's nipples as vests were going out of fashion. And for this we may be eternally grateful.

I have made a couple of shirts for the Fabric Godfather and always smile when I see him select one to wear out of the wardrobe. I like to believe this is not just because they're the only thing clean or was the first thing he found.

The blue one is a hack of the Negroni pattern from Walden by Colette.  I added a covered button placket and an extra button so it does up more like a standard shirt. The white shirt with the red print is a Burda 7045. A bit more of a standard shirt pattern that he prefers.

 Shop the Negroni here.

This blue Smith shirting fabric has a little bit of stretch to make it extra comfy to wear.

George is the cotton I used to make the Burda shirt. It has a really subtle small hexagonal design all over in a red print giving it a little bit of unusual detail.

I would love to make a Negroni using our 4oz denim in Indigo, it would have a wonderful utility feel to it.

Happy sewing xxx

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I'm a big list maker so Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, presents (to make and buy), recipe and meal ideas, items to come back and look at in the sale, stocking filler ideas, the list goes on....

The list I most enjoy making is the What I want for Christmas List! (Take note Fabric Godfather)

1. Etched storage jars from Beyond Measure
If I am honest I want everything from her exquisitely curated collection. Also check out the Eleonor Bostrom pincushions.

2. Mandala embroidery wall art from Harper and Finch
I was lucky enough to hear Emma talk about her work recently, she has an inspiring story and is a lovely lady to boot!

3. Sewing machine art found on Pinterest 
How striking would this look on my studio wall?

4. White Earnest Wright & Son Scissors from MIY Collection
These would definitely make me a better dressmaker, and make my sewing kit way more stylish.

5. Mid Century Sew box from MyQuirkyCottage
Well I am going to need something to put those new posh scissors in!

6. A new Dressmaker dummy From Adjustoform
Mine is a little old and wonky these days and I would love to be able to stick pins straight into her, it would really help with fitting my garments and help with any voodoo I might need to do!

7. Leff flip clock from Habitat (or more specifically more hours in the day)
I used to be the Homewares Buyer at Habitat and always loved this clock, not sure even at this price it will give me more hours in the day though!

Still stuck for ideas? You could always check out these gifts on our website

Giant Matchbox kits make perfect stocking fillers

Or give somebody the gift of choosing their own present with our gift vouchers

Happy sewing xxx

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I am a massive fan of the sweatshirt.

Originally developed in the 1920s  in America. Sweatshirts were  Benjamin Russel's answer to his football player sons complaints about the itchy woolen jumpers they wore. As the owner of a women's underwear factory the first Sweatshirts were made of ladies underwear fabric. I am guessing not the stretch lace we favour these days! Quickly they gained popularity among sports fans in the US and the name sweatshirt was born, as a result of the state of the shirts after a game.

So what do I love about sweatshirts?

Firstly they are about the most comfortable item of clothing known to mankind. Excluding maybe a fleece onesie, but  I am not that kind of girl! Secondly they are now socially acceptable in almost any situation, use a luxe fabric or add a sparkly statement necklace and you can even wear them to a fancy party. Thirdly, they are so easy to sew. I can knock one up in about 45 minutes, and that is one satisfying bit of sewing!

I like to add a bit of detail and individuality to my Sweatshirts so I tend to mix up the fabrics a bit, choosing a feature fabric and pairing it with a plain. Our Roma jersey is ideal for this as it is really soft, washes very well with no bobbling and comes in loads of great colours.

Here is my Checked sweatshirt made with Checked ponte roma and the plain navy Roma jersey.

For this one I used a Botanical print faux leather as the feature in the front of the jumper and paired it with a plain red Roma jersey.

How will you mash up yours?

Happy sewing xxx