Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I made my own leather handbag - so can you!

I really wanted a new handbag, one that was real leather, nice and simple in design. Not black (I already have enough black handbags!), navy ideally as my favourite winter coat is navy. Not a giant bag, yet big enough to fit in all of my bits and bobs. Ohhh and it also had to have a strap long enough to fit across my body and the pram handles. 

I started checking out all of the designer handbag websites, scouring Vogue etc, then whilst trawling through old blog posts on Tilly and the Buttons, I found the leather bags kit she'd made. Lightbulb moment! I can make my own bag.

The Saddlebag was exactly what I was looking for. It was really easy to make, the instructions are very clear and the real leather pieces are pre-cut and punched so all you have to do is line up the holes and sew. Perfect for a beginner or an experienced sewer who likes a quick project.

Here is a video of me making it - watch it, it's lovely and makes you feel all warm inside!

If you fancy having a go at making your own bag or think that you know somebody who would love a bag kit as a present the kits are available here. As well as the messenger bags there are also small and traditional size satchel kits available.

Happy sewing xxx

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Clover Pants the Trilogy - Part II

Back when the sun was shining I took part in the OWOP challenge using the Clover Pants by Colette as my pattern. The first version was a brightly coloured pair made of a stretch cotton sateen (see them here)
For the second pair I wanted something really comfy and casual ideal for lounging about at the weekend or going to yoga in.
So here is version 2, as you can see I made a few changes to the pattern (does this count as cheating??)
Here are the changes I made:
I used the Elena Ponte Roma jersey rather than the recommended fabric with more body and just a little stretch.
I replaced the waistband and zip fastening with a simple jersey waistband made from plain black ponte roma jersey.
I made them a size up and wore them low slung on my hips(I actually did this on the first pair by accident but decided for this fabric it was a better style than the original fit)

My best trick!
No I can't skate really  it is just a prop!

Makes a handy seat as well

I loved wearing them as they were super comfy. What do you think do they work? Would you be tempted into a pair of jersey Clovers?

Happy sewing xxx