Tuesday, December 30, 2014


You may have noticed there are loads of scuba fabric clothes out there at the moment. Scuba dressmaking fabric is wonderful, it has so much body so you can create these great simple and voluminous garments that just stay put.

If you are looking for some scuba inspiration I have pulled together a Pinterest board for you. Rachel from House of Pinheiro has made some lovely scuba clothes and there are some simple DIY ideas on there as well. So pop over and take a peek

It is also really easy to sew, it doesn't fray so no need to hem or finish your seams, just sew and go!
We have a number of scuba dress fabrics on the website including a wonderful embossed scuba fabric as well as a delightful floral printed scuba fabric, what better way to brighten up 2015.

Have any of you ever sewed with scuba, what do you think of it?

Happy sewing xxx

Monday, December 29, 2014

Wax Print Bargains

I have just added lots more dressmaking fabrics to our sale.
Including this wonderful wax print cotton down from £24 to £15 for a 3 metre piece.
Quick grab it while its still there.


Happy sewing xxx

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


In January Fabric Godmother is moving again, this will be the 5th move in 3 years (that is a  a lot of lifting) this time we are moving to much bigger and better premises and hope to make this our home for the next few years. To help make the move a bit easier we are selling off lots of fabric at a reduced price.  So check out the Fabric Godmother dress fabric sale and grab yourself a bargain.


Happy sewing and a merry christmas xxx

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I made my own leather handbag - so can you!

I really wanted a new handbag, one that was real leather, nice and simple in design. Not black (I already have enough black handbags!), navy ideally as my favourite winter coat is navy. Not a giant bag, yet big enough to fit in all of my bits and bobs. Ohhh and it also had to have a strap long enough to fit across my body and the pram handles. 

I started checking out all of the designer handbag websites, scouring Vogue etc, then whilst trawling through old blog posts on Tilly and the Buttons, I found the leather bags kit she'd made. Lightbulb moment! I can make my own bag.

The Saddlebag was exactly what I was looking for. It was really easy to make, the instructions are very clear and the real leather pieces are pre-cut and punched so all you have to do is line up the holes and sew. Perfect for a beginner or an experienced sewer who likes a quick project.

Here is a video of me making it - watch it, it's lovely and makes you feel all warm inside! http://youtu.be/mhTZ_y6LAu8

If you fancy having a go at making your own bag or think that you know somebody who would love a bag kit as a present the kits are available here. As well as the messenger bags there are also small and traditional size satchel kits available.

Happy sewing xxx

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Clover Pants the Trilogy - Part II

Back when the sun was shining I took part in the OWOP challenge using the Clover Pants by Colette as my pattern. The first version was a brightly coloured pair made of a stretch cotton sateen (see them here)
For the second pair I wanted something really comfy and casual ideal for lounging about at the weekend or going to yoga in.
So here is version 2, as you can see I made a few changes to the pattern (does this count as cheating??)
Here are the changes I made:
I used the Elena Ponte Roma jersey rather than the recommended fabric with more body and just a little stretch.
I replaced the waistband and zip fastening with a simple jersey waistband made from plain black ponte roma jersey.
I made them a size up and wore them low slung on my hips(I actually did this on the first pair by accident but decided for this fabric it was a better style than the original fit)

My best trick!
No I can't skate really  it is just a prop!

Makes a handy seat as well

I loved wearing them as they were super comfy. What do you think do they work? Would you be tempted into a pair of jersey Clovers?

Happy sewing xxx

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Clover Pants The Trilogy - Part I

For my OWOP challenge I decided to make the Colette clover pants (or as I am in the UK should that be trousers?)
I promised to go into more details of the 3 pairs I made so here goes.

Pair number one were my "fun" pair of trousers. Following on the success of my spotty trousers I decided to have another go at some patterned trousers. I chose a bright stretch cotton sateen for this pair, going for a darker background so they would go with black (I like to wear a lot of black) and also hopefully be more flattering.

This pattern is so easy to sew and this fabric is ideal for them, this doesn't mean they were perfect though.
My main comments would be: 
1. I did follow the measurements but the trousers came out quite big, as I was so short on time I didn't make a muslin (I never do unless it is a really expensive fabric I just test the waters with a pattern making what will hopefully be a wearable muslin) so in the future if I wanted a more fitted version like the pattern pictures I would go down a size.
2. The instructions for fitting the zip were really easy to follow, however I often find that plastic zips just don't cut if for trousers as they don't seem to be strong enough, they can get a bit bent then they are so hard to do up and undo (cue lesson learnt for next time.
3. I should have made an FBA (full bum alteration) for these as the front was a couple of inches higher than the back and pulled down a little, I remedied this on the next pair.
4. The waist band didn't seem to be quite long enough for the trousers, luckily as they were a little big and tried them on before adding the zip I was able to take them in so that the waistband fitted. (Has anyone else had this issue with this pattern or just me?)

All in all though I would say winner! (which was just as well as I have another 2 pairs left to make to complete the challenge!)

Yes that is a giant Chelsea bun I am holding!

Happy sewing xxx

Saturday, September 13, 2014


When I saw Handmade Jane had taken over OWOP I was really excited as I love the idea of wearing a single item in lots of different ways.

My favourite patterns are dress patterns with a slightly A line skirt as I find them most flattering  for my pear shape the Colette peony (seen here and here) and the By hand London Anna (seen here and here) both fit the bill and I have made them a couple of times so had a good start on my OWOP wardrobe.
This was going to be easy wasn't it?
Except I have a 12 week old daughter and spend my days feeding her/ changing nappies/ rolling about on the floor doing tummy time/ wiping up puke,sick etc... Umm not really dress friendly activities.
Back to the drawing board (sewing table) for a rethink.
I had been thinking about making some slim fitting trousers in a cotton fabric with stretch for a while, I love my Hot Pattern dolce vitas in spotty and plain (here and here) so thought I could try something similar in a bright floral. I had seen the ultimate trousers from Sew over it but was drawn the the Clover trousers from Colette (Q. why didn't she stick to the Hot patterns pattern I hear you ask??? A. I thought it would be quicker sew another 3 pairs of trousers from scratch with a side zip rather than 1 more pair with a zip fly Doh - why oh why did my reverse lazy logic let me down at this point??)
I also only decided to give the OWOP challenge a go 3 days before it started so it didn't give me much time to start sewing.
The challenge was on!

I made 3 pairs in 2 days I will blog about the details of each of them at a later date but the low down was 1 pair as per the pattern in cotton sateen pattern with stretch, 1 pair pattern hacked in spotty jersey with the zip removed and a roma ponte waistband added and the third pair with the legs widened and a metal zip feature in denim. (all of the fabrics and the pattern can be found on my website www.fabricgodmother.co.uk)

The savvy among you will notice there are only 6 photos here, I did take a photo on day 5 but managed to delete it! I promise I was wearing the denim version again with another white t shirt) 

I had a busy week planned so needed versatility and supreme comfort, here was my diary
Day 1. Skate Jam 
Day 2. Food festival 
Day 3. Mum came to visit
Day 4. Birthday lunch by the sea
Day 5. Relaxing at home 
Day 6. Yoga class
Day 7. Coffee with friends

My verdict, I love all 3 versions but I like a little more versatility in my wardrobe, a skirt or a dress now and then to break it up. So next year I will be searching for a more versatile pattern to meet all my clothing whims in one week. Maybe a dress I can hack into a skirt and top? I also realised I have made very few tops, so I had nothing me made to pair with any of these trousers...(off to pick out some blouse and t shirt patterns)

Happy sewing xxx

Floral Midi Skirt

I love sewing with cotton with a small amount of elastane in it. I find it very easy to sew and forgiving if you are not a professional seamstress plus it comes in such lovely patterns. Did you see my peony dress and spotty trousers?
This time I went for something altogether more feminine in the shape of a self drafted midi skirt in a large floral design.
It is super easy with an elasticated waistband and it has pockets, I love pockets (who doesn't?) The fabric is the Ronnie cotton with 3% elastane.
An ideal seasonal transitional piece.

We have loads of cottons with elastane on the website here are some of my favourites


Happy sewing xxx

Thursday, August 21, 2014

End of summer culottes

I had never sewn with viscose before and wanted to give it a try. 
For my first experiment I went for a simple pair of culottes, ideal for the end of summer! They look like a skirt but you can ride your bike in them, or wear them on a windy day without risking an over exposure!! 

The pattern was taken from an old issue of Prima magazine from last time culottes were in fashion, I remember making them then when I was a teenager, I know they say you shouldn't wear a fashion item if you can remember it first time round, but hey rules were made to be broken weren't they?

It has an elasticated waist and no pockets so I whizzed this up in no time.  Great, if like me you love a sewing project that you can make in a day and wear out that evening.  I used the Ditti viscose in blue and cream.


Sewing with viscose was incredibly simple, it doesn't move around too much so is easy to cut and sew.
I did most of it on the overlocker, just using my machine for the waistband and hems.

I am now a viscose convert and plan to make a blouse for my next project.
If you fancy having a go at sewing with viscose check out these lovely designs.



Happy sewing xxx

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kimono Jacket

I have seen loads of amazing Kimono jackets in the shops and on fashion blogs recently. They always look super glamorous and really easy to wear.  Ideal in this warm weather as a cover up (also great for a bit of public breastfeeding - sorry one of my musts for clothes at the moment as a new mum to a 6 week old)
I think they look fabulous worn with jeans during the day, with a pair of cocktail trousers for the evening and over a bikini (I wish) on the beach.

They are basically 2 rectangles of fabric sewn together halfway along the centre then under the arms. Simples! So I figured that I didn't need a pattern and got cutting.
I cut 2 long rectangles and sewed them together to almost half way (along the long side)
I then folded them in half across the width and sewed up the sides to create 2 arm holes. I then finished all of the raw edges by turning them over and sewing hems on them.
I made a belt/headband out of a length cut from the side of the fabric. In total I used 2 metes of 150cm wide fabric.

I used a cotton voile fabric for mine so that it was transparent without being totally see through. This fabric also had the right balance of body and drape to give shape without sticking out. This is the Zeeta cotton voile in orange - also available in pink.

Zeeta - orange

Zeeta - pink

Other fabric suggestions for a kimono style jacket are 

Link viscose - red for a nautical feel
Pixelated roses wool and viscose for a fabric to take you through to winter
Happy sewing xxx

Below is a diagram to show how to make the kimono.
The width of the rectangles of fabric should be the width you want the finished garment to be allowing for a little cross over at the front.
The belt sits inside the back and then comes out through the arm slits to tie at the front