Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2014 Resewlutions

Hi all,

I didn't achieve all of my sewing plans for 2013 but time to wipe the slate clean and start thinking about 2014. Time to make my new years Resewlutions (sorry cheesy I know)

Here is what I want to sew in 2014.

Sew something made of this lovely wool jersey fabric

I've not decided what yet, all ideas welcome. This Isabella wool and viscose mix jersey is warm, stretchy and a bit marl. And it is just so scrummy and snuggle that it's perfect for a January project. It will also lead me nicely on to resewlution number 2....

Learn to use my overlocker properly

For my birthday this year I was lucky enough to get a fabulous new overlocker. I have used it a few times (after a couple of teething problems) but I am still not confident. Luckily many of my resewlutions will involve the overlocker so by this time next year I will be a seasoned pro ahem..

Sew some baby clothes

Lots of people in my life have just had or are having babies and there is nothing greater than a home made gift for them. I have made a couple of items (see the dress here) but time to step up my game, I mean they are easy, quick and you can have great fun with them. No reason not to.

Learn to knit

Ok so not technically a resewlution but so many sewers can also knit and I can't, well unless you count a few half started scarfs over the years. So 2014 is the year of Fabric Godmother drawing her needles and facing her wool phobia. Lovely pic from Tilly check out her knitting adventure here

Use piping on a garment

I love piping it is so cool and adds a lovely cute finish to anything it is added to, so this year I decree that I to shall use  piping on at least 1 sewn item. I love this piped neck that Handmade Jane added to this dress 

Make a bag

Colette introduced us to the Walden Cooper in 2013 and whats not to love. I have a piece of coated waterproof fabric in my stash just waiting to be made into a bag. Talking of fabric stashes...

Organise a fabric stash swap meet

I plan to get a group of fellow sewers and blogger together for a bit of a chat, catch up and a chance to exchange any old bits of fabric that are failing to inspire you. you know what they say 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' Let me know if you fancy joining in!

Happy sewing in 2014 xxx