Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coat with leather (ish) sleeves. Part two

I would love to be able to tell you that making this coat has been a labour of love. BUT to be honest it hasn't.  It has been frustrating, irritating, and a down right pain in the arse.

I started making this coat back on October see blog post here. I have thought it was finished so many times. I then had to go back as after an hour or so of wearing it as it just didn't feel right. Here are just some of the issues I battled in this war of a coat:

  • Lumpy collar, in my original post I mentioned the collar, I managed to save this by undoing the whole collar and resewing it, having trimmed the offending bumps.
  • Once I had made the shell of the coat and inserted the sleeves it felt really wide across the back, sleeves removed and side seems taken in, sleeves re inserted and I no longer feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame. (Phew)
  • The lining, it just didn't sit right, it felt smaller than the coat and twisted round as I was wearing it. To resolve this I added an extra piece of lining in at the back, not very pretty but seems to have done the job (I am not even going to show you a picture of this as I am so embarrassed about how badly I did  it)
  • The hem was very wobbly and the front kept on flicking out like it was trying to escape. I tried a blind stitch, stitching the lining in place to the hem, then finally settled on hand sewing the hem and steam pressing it. A LOT. It appears to be behaving itself now, although it has felt like a petulant child being sent to the naughty step many times.
  • The fastening at the front. The pattern called for a large snap fastening, the fabric I used is quite thick and the snap fastener just didn't cut it, it also made the front of the coat look a bit plain and I felt it needed something there. I removed the snap fastening and added a nice large button. But as the front overlaps quite a lot it felt as if it needed a double breasted fastening as the underneath bit kept on slipping out. Finally a second button on the inside (along with a stupid split button hole) and the fastening was sorted. TIP do not try and slice open a button hole late at night when you are tired and frustrated with what you are sewing! Luckily it was the underneath one so a quick darn and it doesn't show!
I feel as if I have made this coat about 3 times over but finally it is finished and although I don't L O V E it, I do like it. It is also the warmest coat I have so has been great to wear over these past few really cold snowy days!

In case you are wondering which fabric I used it was the Aine wool herringbone fabric  and the sleeves were made from faux leather which was a gift.

Happy sewing xxx

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cuddle up to a bargain

The Fabric Godmother sale is now on and we have added lots of fabulous Wool fabrics into the bargain bin! Here are some of my favourites...

Abbriccio wool boucle was £19 now £15

Aine wool herringbone was £22 now £17

Ethel wool mix was £14 now £12

Check them all out here all priced per metre, many of them designer fabrics from Italy.

happy bargain sewing xxx

Monday, January 7, 2013

Charlotte sewalong

The lovely ladies over at By hand London are hosting their very own Charlotte sewalong.
For those of you unfamiliar with this new indie pattern label The Charlotte is a fabulous pencil skirt pattern with the added extras of a frivolous frill round the bottom or a perfect peplum. Which ever you choose you will be the envy of all around you.

The sewalong starts on Monday the 14th January so plenty of time to get your fabric, notions and of course pattern ready.

I have already decided on my fabric, I am going to make the peplum version with this lovely Albert wool mix fabric in green and black dogs tooth pattern. Then to spice it up I am going to make the peplum out of black faux leather left over from my coat with leather(ish) sleeves

You can buy the pattern here
You can find out more about the sewalong here

Happy sewing xxx

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Introducing Megan Nielsen Patterns

I am really excited to announce that we are now selling the wonderful Megan Nielsen dressmaking patterns.

Megan Nielsen patterns are designed with you in mind. Each pattern starts with a gorgeous design, and comes in a roomy reusable envelope that contains the full size pattern on sturdy paper, and the specially tailored instruction booklet. Each booklet is full of easy to follow illustrated instructions, ideas and sketches for how to customize the design to be even more unique, and dedicated space for taking notes and logging your projects.
Happy sewing xxx

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fabulous Christmas swaps and Happy new year

I am now back after a lovely break over Christmas and the New year. Feeling revived and refreshed I am ready to face the challenges of 2013 with relish.
I just wanted to update you on the wonderful Christmas swaps that I took part in.

Firstly there was this gorgeous box from Sara as part of The undomesticated scientist's swap. Just look at the beautiful packaging..

I also did a swap with the lovely Leonie, all the way from Australia.. lots of stamps! Including a packet of Tim tams Yummy!

Did any of you get an wonderful presents or swaps for Christmas?

Wishing you all a happy new year!