Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas swap 2012

So the dreaded C word is just round the corner, Christmas!!!!
To make the white season a little more fun and special I am hosting my very first Christmas swap.
If you have never done a swap before it is A. lots of fun and B.very easy!

Here is how it works, I will pair you up with a swap partner. You will give me some details about yourself that I can share with your swap partner. (This will help them to make a parcel of lovliness tailored to your tastes)

Then you have to make, sew, knit, buy, find, recycle, upcycle each of the following:

Tree decoration - Something sparkly and pretty to hang from the tree
Personal adornment - Can be earrings, brooch, scarf, anything to make your swap partner look even more gorgeous for the party season
Something to make you feel fabulous - What puts a smile on your face and makes you feel really special? Handmade bathsalts for that 1 hour of me time? New nail varnish? 
'Let me entertain you' - A joke, a fantastic party tune, a funny story, a magic trick, use your inmagination...

Make sure you parcel up all the goodies nicely then post them to your swap partner, please let me know if you are happy to post abroad as it would be lovely to have swap partners around the world.

Please sign up  by the 15th October to give plenty of time to get your parcels ready.

Please share with your friends so we can make as many special christmasses as possible! You can use the image (feel free to add it to your blog!) 

Simply let me know that you want to join us in the comment box below, make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you.

Happy gifting xxx


  1. he he, how could i resist, sign me up! happy to post anywhere.

  2. I would love to join in too.

    My name is Samantha Coleman,I'm originally a Yorkshire girl! I'm quite quirky and love anything bright or retro. I'm a sucker for 40's and 50's posters. My Christmas tree is just a missmatch of bright colours and groovy stuff. Christmas for me is when I see the Coca-cola advert - it always makes me cry! haha. I'm very much a home bird, love my husband Tom and back cat Lyla-peg and spend most of my free time curled up on the sofa with them, eating sweeties and crafting.

    Email address is

  3. Sounds like fun! I like that there is a few things to be getting on with.

  4. If you can't comment on here you can always email me at and let me know you want to join.

    PS Don't forget to follow my blog for regular updates.

  5. Hello,

    Love to get involved... I am in Australia and more than happy to ship overseas...


  6. Hi, yes please :))) I'd love to join the Christmas swap and make new friends! xx

    Best wishes,

  7. Yes please, I'd love to join in, U.K only please :)

    1. Sue I would love you to join us, please can you send me your email address
      Thanks x

  8. Hi, yes, sign me up for this, too. And, I am happy to post worldwide. Many thanks for doing this. x

  9. I would love to join too - i am happy to post internationally :)

  10. I would love to join, I love Christmas and would be happy to post overseas!

    Thanks kellye x

  11. I would love to participate in your Christmas swap and am happy to post abroad!
    patti - USA

  12. What a great idea! Sign me up!



  13. I would love to join in I am ok with posting overseas too

  14. I would be delighted to join in, email is and I am happy to send overseas :)

  15. This is very interesting! I also want to take part in the exchange of christmas.) Thank you very much!)
    My email

  16. I'd love to join. I'm in the UK but happy to post worldwide. My email is sewstylishblog (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. sign me up!!!!
    love the idea!!!
    happy to post overseas!!!


  18. I would love to join in too - please sign me up!


  19. Hi, is it too late to join in. Just read about it and it sounds like s fab idea. Please let me know .

  20. this sounds brilliant, shame I found you too late but maybe next year.