Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas swap 2012

So the dreaded C word is just round the corner, Christmas!!!!
To make the white season a little more fun and special I am hosting my very first Christmas swap.
If you have never done a swap before it is A. lots of fun and B.very easy!

Here is how it works, I will pair you up with a swap partner. You will give me some details about yourself that I can share with your swap partner. (This will help them to make a parcel of lovliness tailored to your tastes)

Then you have to make, sew, knit, buy, find, recycle, upcycle each of the following:

Tree decoration - Something sparkly and pretty to hang from the tree
Personal adornment - Can be earrings, brooch, scarf, anything to make your swap partner look even more gorgeous for the party season
Something to make you feel fabulous - What puts a smile on your face and makes you feel really special? Handmade bathsalts for that 1 hour of me time? New nail varnish? 
'Let me entertain you' - A joke, a fantastic party tune, a funny story, a magic trick, use your inmagination...

Make sure you parcel up all the goodies nicely then post them to your swap partner, please let me know if you are happy to post abroad as it would be lovely to have swap partners around the world.

Please sign up  by the 15th October to give plenty of time to get your parcels ready.

Please share with your friends so we can make as many special christmasses as possible! You can use the image (feel free to add it to your blog!) 

Simply let me know that you want to join us in the comment box below, make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you.

Happy gifting xxx

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Tweed Jacket

Chanel is famous for its tweed jackets, here is some inspiration to make your own designer inspired tweed jackets

Gwyneth Paltrow in Chanel

Chanel winter 12/13

Ralph Lauren

Happy sewing xxx

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bow tie blouse

In my stash of dressmaking patterns I found this vintage Butterick blouse pattern 4946, it has my mums name scribbled on the front but I am guessing she got it second hand from somewhere else as it is not her size.

I really fancied making a sexy pussy bow blouse so I followed option D with a few alterations.

1. As it was a couple of sizes bigger than me I used this pattern and removed the front button fastening and joined the 2 front sections together, leaving just a small gap below the collar to fit my head through that fastened with a hook and eye. This resulted in a looser fit blouse.
2. I added a few extra inches to the front and back so the blouse was longer and could be worn tucked into my low rise jeans.
3. I also lengthened the sleeves removed the cuffs and replaced them with elastic to give a puff sleeve effect. At the top of the sleeve I eased all of the fabric give to the top creating a little puff sleeve.
4.Using a satin backed crepe I flipped the fabric to the satin side out for the collar section, giving a fabulous contrast between the collar and the blouse.

You can tie the collar in different ways depending on the rest of your outfit

Overall I am thrilled with this and can't wait to dress up a pair of jeans with this and a pair of killer heels.

Here are some current blouse patterns with a tie collar so you can make your own....

Happy sewing xxx

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sew your own Snuggly Sunday Sweatshirt

There is something wonderful about curling up on the sofa on a Sunday evening in a pair of leggings and a cosy jumper. The only downside is I usually look like a cross between Bridget Jones and the bin man. So I decided to make myself my very own stylish Sunday Sweatshirt.

 I made this in a similar way to my Simple to sew jersey top . Here is a tutorial to sew your own Snuggly Sunday Sweatshirt, you will need to know how to insert a sleeve and sew a facing.

What you need:
Your favourite old sweatshirt
Heavy weight jersey fabric ( I used the lovely Mystique jersey fabric)
Matching thread
Dressmaking pins
Sewing machine

1.Lay your old sweatshirt onto your jersey fabric (folded in half so it is 2 layers thick) and fold in the arms

2.Cut carefully round 1 half of the sweatshirt, then remove the sweatshirt and fold the cut piece on top of the uncut half as use this as a template for the second half (doing this means that both sides of your sweater will be the same shape)

3.Lay one sleeve of your old sweatshirt along a folded piece of jersey fabric and cut round (do this twice, 1 for each arm)

4.Sew along the tops of the shoulders and down the sides, no need to finish the seems as jersey doesn't fray
5.Sew along the sleeve seem then insert the sleeves
6.To shape the neckline, fold your new sweatshirt in half down the middle so that the shoulder seams meet. Then trim the front as low as you want (it is worth trying it on before this to mark where you want the neckline to finish

7.To make the facing I traced the neckline and cut a 10cm deep facing.  With right sides together I inserted that, finishing with a line of top stitching about 1cm from the edge.

8.To finish the sleeve I just rolled them up and added a couple of little stitches by hand to hold in place.

9.Again the hem can be just left but I fancied something a little more stylish so I added curved and slits in the edges. (You could also add a strip of ribbed trim, but I have found it really hard to find a supplier of ribbing)

Now roll on Sunday!

Happy sewing xxx